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I just ordered my first 28 days worth of NS food and I must say I am extremely dissapointed.How can anyone say the food is awful when its really pretty darn good considering what it is.Before NS I cooked very healthy, clean meals but portion size and eating too few meals a day left us both about 20 lbs over what we wanted to be.So far I lost 7lbs just eating the meals and snacks they sent and nothing else.

Biggest thing to overcome is the small, sometimes tiny portions.Quitters seem pretty vocal about blaming the diet for their failure.

I did cancel my order today, but believe that I have managed to toss some bad eating habits and can continue my healthy eating habits on my own.I lost 50 lbs in four months and kept the weight off for three years.IF anything, it at least is teaching me to eat more salads and smaller portions.Their set meals are nutritionally balanced and contain all the nutrients your body needs for maintaining good health, while being low in calories to help you to lose weight.Adding extra food: You are encouraged to add fresh veggies and protein sources to the meals.I showed your review to a friend who did OK om the diet two years ago and he said its right on the button.I hope my story could help somebody choose this diet, because besides losing weight, it did not take away from my weightlifting goals.

You see, I tried NS a year ago and I was pretty amazed that I lost almost 15lbs in a month on the diet.I like that all the hassle is taken out of this diet, which is maybe why its working so well for me.I might suggest anyone that is having troubles going cold turkey off sugar and junk food, to try Atkins first.Please replace her in th ads with other normal people and their testimonials.You just get them out of their packaging (or the freezer in the case of fresh frozen meals) and pop them into the microwave.I have tried everything.juicing, pills, workout programs, cleansing, starving, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers.

Weigh the convenience factor of the Medifast diet plan against the actual cost to determine if it represents a.So far all I lost was 5 pounds, but its so amazing how different I feel.

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After the first week of food, I was told I should eat more, etc.

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This type of diet is a quick weight loss fix but does not teach you how to prepare and portion everyday foods.

I will be talking to them more if this continues to be a problem.I think the trick is once you lose your weight to keep it off.I now weigh 248 and did 320 on bench and did a set of 5 squats with 315.You have to fill in the gaps between meals with healthy vegetable snacks, and you have to get used to being hungry.

People use those blogs to push religious and political agendas and cause arguments and the moderators do nothing.Imagine you can feel how light your are as you walk around in that body.To me the support and availability of their staff has made a world of difference.

Hey mjohn, I think some people complain because its just in their nature to complain.To all those folks I see writing in an saying they hated it or the food was processed and tasted bad, you should of read and understood what you were buying before you bought it.

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The company has also introduced the NutriSystem Flex program where you can do the diet 5 days a week with two Flex days.